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About Forticell Bioscience, Inc.
Forticell Bioscience, formerly Ortec International, Inc., is a 17-year-old biotechnology company focusing on advanced regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.

A New Era Begins...
With the appointment of a new management team, and the renaming of the company to more accurately reflect its broad scope and mission.

Corporate Overview Features
  • Founded in 1991 to develop a tissue- engineered product now known as OrCelŪ
  • Publicly traded company since 1996
  • Raised nearly $150 million to fund R&D
  • Fully integrated organization
  • FDA and NYS approved Tissue Bank
  • FDA approved cGMP pilot manufacturing facility
  • Initial focus on treatment of acute and chronic wounds - granted two FDA product approvals for non-cryopreserved OrCelŪ
  Management Team
Forticell's management team encompasses a broad diversity of experience in the design of advanced medical products, biotechnology R&D, and marketplace introduction.
Forticell's leading human tissue engineering product is OrCelŪ. Using a breakthrough cellular matrix technology, OrCel delivers rapid healing as a treatment for chronic wounds such as Venous Leg Ulcers (VLU).
  Watch the Video
Thawing and application of cryopreserved OrCel®.

Mechanisms of Wound Healing:
Studies with the Bilayered Cellular Matrix, OrCel® ...

Forticell (formerly Ortec) Files Pre-Market Approval Application for OrCel with FDA

In October, Forticell Bioscience Inc. took the final step in the process of obtaining FDA approval of its OrCelŪ technology for the treatment of Venus Leg Ulcers.

Forticell (formerly Ortec) Acquires Hapto Biotech (Israel) Ltd.

Forticell Bioscience, Inc. recently completed a merger with Hapto Biotech (Israel) Ltd., a biotechnology firm involved in the field of tissue engineering, with innovative technologies in tissue repair, regeneration and replacement.

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