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Ortec International, Inc. recently completed a merger with Hapto Biotech (Israel) Ltd.
Read more about the merger here.

Hapto Biotech (israel) ltd.

HAPTO Biotech commenced its operations in August 2000, based on proprietary technologies licensed from Hadasit Ltd - the R&D commercialization arm of Hadassah Medical Organization. The technologies were developed by Drs. Gerard Marx and Raphael Gorodetsky, based on their observations of fibrin's strong cell attraction and attachment properties. Their investigations into the mechanisms behind the cell attraction for fibrin form the basis for the intellectual portfolio of HAPTO Biotech.

With seed funding from three private investment groups, the company was founded at the Ein Kerem campus of the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem. The company's research and development operations utilize the state-of-the-art research facilities at Hadassah, including basic research laboratories and equipment from both the hospital and the Hebrew University schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

HAPTO's technology introduces innovative solutions to address major deficiencies and concerns in the present tissue repair, regeneration and replacement market. Some of advantages of HAPTO's technology include:

Fibrin Microbeads (Fibrin MB) Technology
• In situ tissue regeneration with Fibrin MB
The implantation of cells on Fibrin MB allows direct tissue regeneration in target sites, as opposed to tissue transplantation of in-vitro generated bulk tissue replacements. We expect that cell transfer on Fibrin MB will result in a better take and survival of implanted cells.
• Autologous in-vitro tissue preparation
Fibrin MB technology permits pluripotent (stem) cells to be isolated from autologous bone marrow or other cell sources. Subsequent culturing allows the cell to proliferate on Fibrin MB in vitro, ultimately to be implanted successfully back into the damaged site in the patient without rejection.
• Transplantable "liquid tissue"
The product of somatic or stem cells loaded on Fibrin MB constitutes a "liquid tissue" that permits transfer of adequate cells directly to the damaged tissue. In conjunction with fibrin-based applicators developed by HAPTO Biotech, the liquid-suspension characteristic of the cell-loaded Fibrin MB enables the delivery of the transplant through injection directly to internal bone or cartilage lesions. A spray applicator will permit a film of cells on Fibrin MB to be sprayed to cover surface skin wounds.

Haptides™ Technology
• New peptide materials
Haptides™ are new haptotactic (cell binding) peptides that are non-toxic and non-immunogenic and interact with a wide range of somatic cells.
• Matrix enhancement
Haptides™ bound to matrices enhance cell binding and matrix cellularization.
• Drug effectivity enhancement
Free Haptides™ are inert and non-toxic but when they are mixed or bound to drugs or liposomal formulations they may enhance cell penetration and transfection.

HAPTO is located on the campus of Hadassah Ein Kerem - home to some of the best medical facilities and professional staff in the country, not to mention the setting for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Nursing.

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