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Fibrin Microbeads 
(Fibrin MB)

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Fibrin Microbeads (Fibrin MB)

Fibrin Microbeads, or Fibrin MB, (typical diameter: 50-250 micrometers) are fabricated from clinical grade human fibrinogen and thrombin. Fibrin MB have numerous qualities, some of which are noted below:

• Fibrin MB can bind, select and grow responsive cells such as stem cells from mixed cell types, such as found in bone marrow or peripheral blood.
• Cells on Fibrin MB can be transferred without trypsinization.
• Fibrin MB can be used to isolate pluripotent stem cells from bone marrow and other tissue sources.
• Fibrin MB can be sterilized by gamma-irradiation.
• Fibrin MB are biodegradable and non-immunogenic.

Click on the links below to view the United States Patent:
Patent Number: 6,150,505
Patent Number: 6,552,172 B2
Patent Number: 6,737,074 B2
Patent Number: 6,503,731 B2

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