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Forticell has two U.S. patents for the technology for OrCel, both of which expire in 2011. Forticell has also been granted corresponding patents in Europe (for most of the countries in Europe) and in Australia and New Zealand, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Thailand and South Africa.

The following are the U.S. patents issued:

Composite Living Skin Equivalents
Patent # Re. 35,399
December 10, 1999

A composite living skin equivalent is described comprising an epidermal layer of cultured keratinocyte cells, a layer of non-porous collagen, and a dermal layer of cultured fibroblast cells in a porous cross-linked collagen sponge matrix

Composite Living Skin Equivalent
Patent # 6,039,760
March 21, 2000

Skin equivalents and processes for preparing them are described. The living skin equivalent comprises a layer of cultured keratinocyte cells, a layer of high purity, non-porous collagen and a dermal layer of cultured fibroblast cells in a porous, cross-linked collagen sponge. Processes are described for producing the skin equivalent with descriptions on how to obtain and treat skin precursor materials to yield suitable fibroblasts and keratinocytes

Additional Patents
Forticell has been granted two additional patents in the United States covering our cryopreservation and colagen sponge manufacturing processes.


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